2018 Fantasy Sports Collection by STARLINE
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Fantasy Sports Lingerie Collection by Starline

Got Game? We Do.


Introducing Starline’s new FANTASY SPORTS collection for 2017-2018.


A fresh take on the hottest trends in fashion, the FANTASY SPORTS collection features activewear and athleisure-inspired lingerie styles and sports-themed bedroom costumes, all with the edgy style, high-quality construction, and exceptional fit that you’ve come to expect from Starline.


With bold style lines, splashes of color, and the use of various types of mesh and elastics, this collection is ultra-comfortable with a strong mix of sexy sophistication as well as trendy/fun statement pieces that are undeniably sport-inspired. All of these features have been blended effortlessly with the timeless aspects of lingerie that will never go out of style — versatility, contrasting proportions, and mixing silhouettes with varying degrees of detail — giving all women strong options to choose from.


Are you ready for the ultimate fantasy experience? Get in the game today with Starline’s FANTASY SPORTS collection.


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