Plus Size
is on the Rise!

New Plus Size Costumes from Starline and Party King

Starline LA and Party King dominate the plus size market with one thing
many companies lack: Choices

Looking and feeling good for plus size women no longer takes a back seat. With Starline and Party King taking the lead with the widest selection of plus size costumes on the market, bringing their A (+)😉game this Halloween season has never been easier. 

 “All women want is to look good for Halloween; they want to look cute or sexy, and they deserve that feeling. Our plus size costumes give them that opportunity.” 

Danielle Fitzgerald, CEO

Starline LA and Party King are the force behind an inclusive market and ensures no one is left to feel anything other than sexy, confident, and bold.  Ashley Alexiss, self-made curve model extraordinaire and one of the most in demand plus size models in the industry, loves how inclusive the costume size ranges are.  

“It’s reassuring as a plus size woman to have options for costumes that make me feel confident. During Halloween season, I know the frustrations of wanting to feel sexy and not having anything that compliments my figure.”  

Ashley Alexiss, Self-made curve model

Ashley Alexiss wearing Party King’s Bae Watch (PK2203XL)

With Starline LA and Party King offering full-size ranges, small through 5X, there aren’t any limitations for finding the perfect costume for a night out. Plus size women can have choices, which is something everyone deserves, but not every company offers!

“The size range Starline LA and Party King offer are amazing, you’re bound to find something that makes you feel like it was made just for you,” Alexiss said.