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Alluring Assassin

Atlantis Queen

Avenging Assassin

Bad Sandy

Brainy Babe

Burger Beauty

Captain USA

Creationary Woman

Danger Damsel

Dead Assassin


Eternal Queen

Frisky Nurse

Heroic Hottie

Jail Bird Babe

Joe Exotic Tiger Honey

Killer Ninja

Lady Power

Mad Gambler

Men’s Joe Exotic ZooKeeper

Night Call Doctor

Nurse High

Out of Your League

Plus Size Bad Sandy

Plus Size Basketball Bunny

Plus Size Captain USA

Plus Size Crazy Quinn

Plus Size Gilded Goddess

Plus Size Jail Bird Babe

Plus Size Killer Ninja

Plus Size Night Call Doctor

Plus Size Pink Nurse

Plus Size Scrubs Nurse

Plus Size Secret Agent

Posh Pirate

Red Dragon Ninja

Scrubs Nurse

Sexy Suicide Girl

Sidekick Pooch

Socialite Hottie

Spell Caster

Stitched Up Nurse

The Punishing One

Tiger King

Tiger Queen

Women’s Joe Exotic Zoo Keeper

WOW Girl

Yeah Baby!