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Betel Witch

Birthday Suit

Black Goddess

Black Magic Witch

Black Spider Witch

Cara Mia Mistress

Creationary Woman

Cry Baby

Dark Majesty

Dark Preistess

Dark Priestess

Eternal Queen

Fairest Princess

Fairy Tale Snow White

Glam Alice

Glamorous Vamp

Goddess of Beauty

Goddess of War

Gothic Elegance Witch

Gothic Witch

Haunted Honey

Hellcat Devil

Hot as Hades

Little Red

Maiden of the Throne

Meanie Santa Baby

Munster Hottie

Pentagram Princess

Plus Alluring Sea Siren

Plus Black Magic Witch

Plus Gothic Elegance Witch

Plus Gothic Witch

Plus Little Red

Plus Red Riding Hood

Plus Rose Fairy Princess

Plus Wicked Witch

Raven Witch

Red Riding Hood

Red Skeleton Witch

Rose Fairy Princess

Scantily Skeletal

Spellbound Sorceress

Wicked Witch