Tiger King - Starline Womens Costumes & Lingerie
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Joe Exotic, the Tiger King is here!

The gun-totin’, country singin’, gay cowboy, Tiger King is back, and Starline is bringing him to you!

That’s right cool cats and kittens!  Starline has exclusively licensed the Official Joe Exotic Tiger King Halloween costumes and they are excellent, exceptional, and (Joe) EXOTIC!

With over 64 million views on Netflix, the six Emmy nominated breakout show of 2020 is now going to bring a roaring upgrade to your Halloween.

Our Starline designers have been working around the clock to capture the mullets & the mayhem from what’s expected to be the most sought after costume of the year!  So get ready to party as Joe Exotic the Tiger King himself, in the only fitting costume that could represent our crazy 2020.

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The people have spoken and Tiger King is 2020’s hottest and most sought after costume!
  Don’t be fooled by the imitations!  Starline has the Official Tiger King Costume approved by Joe Exotic himself 🙂 and only our authorized retail partners can bring you that REAL Exotic look and feel.  The internet is abuzz and ready to pounce on what looks to be the costume of the year.

Maxim: “the ”gun-carrying redneck with a mullet” we never knew we wanted to be”

The Blast: “Tiger King’ Joe Exotic & His Tigers Are This Year’s Coolest Halloween Costumes”

Fashion Maniac: “so bad it’s good, so wrong it’s right.”

Joey deVilla: “Remember when I asked why no one’s come up with “Sexy Tiger King” costumes? They’ve arrived.”