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Costumers Today - Plus Sizes Power Sales at Starline & Party King

The plus size costume market is booming, and Starline is on the forefront! Dani Fitzgerald, our CEO, discusses the success of our plus size costumes! This is one interview you don’t want to miss out on! Read article below:

Plus Sizes Power Sales at Starline & Party King 

BY ED AVIS FEB 23, 2022

 Everyone wants to look good in their Halloween costume, even if they don’t have a wispy figure. That fact is why NCA Vendor Member Starline is so successful in plus-size costumes.

“In the past we had a few costumes available through 3X, and we saw a lot of success with that, so in the last 4 to 5 years we’ve introduced costumes up to 5X, which is size 32 dress size,” says Dani Fitzgerald, the company’s CEO. “We dipped our toes in the water with a few styles up to 5X, and they sold really well. So we’ve added the plus sizes to a lot of our new styles and some of our proven best-selling styles.”

Starline recently purchased Party King, and is incorporating that company’s products as a separate line. Party King has more “fun and flirty” costumes, Fitzgerald says, and they also come in plus sizes 1X through 5X.

Fitzgerald says the plus-size costumes  sales have more than doubled in the past year. That’s not surprising since the average American dress size today is 16 to 18, she says, and that’s in plus size territory.

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